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Stop Physician Burnout

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Dike Drummond, MD

Dr. Drummond is a Mayo trained family practice physician and executive coach delivering highly interactive, fully customized teaching & training on Stress Management, Burnout Prevention, Physician Engagement, and tools for effective Physician Leadership. Author of STOP PHYSICIAN BURNOUT: What to Do When Working Harder Isn't Working - Now a Healthcare Best Seller!

More about this speaker:

This speaker's topics include:

  1. Burnout Proof Live Workshop: For MDs, RNs or general healthcare audience. 
     Symptoms, Prevalence, Causes & Effects, Complications and Simple Tools for Prevention and Treatment (60-90 minutes)
  2. One Minute Mindfulness Training (60 minutes)
  3. Transforming Physician Resistance to Change (60 minutes)
  4. Nimble Leadership: How to lead when your crystal ball has gone dark (60 minutes)
  5. The Quadruple Aim Blueprint: A four-part, proactive, organization-wide burnout prevention strategy (45-60 minutes)
  6. Physician Leadership Power Tools: Simple tools to lead your team and stop working so hard (45-60 minutes)
  7. Physician's Guide to Navigating A Bureaucracy: How to get what you need for your Ideal Practice whn you are not the "Boss" (45-60 minutes)
**Full or half-day programs available**
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Dike Drummond, MD is a Mayo trained Family Practice Physician with a unique combination of ground level experience in Medicine, Coaching and Personal & Business Development.

"The burnout epidemic amongst our physicians and other healthcare providers is a completely predictable result of their medical training and the generally accepted definition of “success”. 
AND it is both a Treatable AND PREVENTABLE Condition."

Dr. Drummond’s unusual background includes …

  •  Extensive Primary Care experience
  •  Proven Physician Leadership abilities
  •  Entrepreneurship and Business Development training and experience
  •  Extensive Personal Development and Life & Business Coaching experience
He is author of the book Stop Physician Burnout: What to do when working harder isn't working available on Amazon.com and through Innovative Healthcare Speakers 
Quantity Discounts Available at: info@innovativehealthcarespeakers.com


“… made me look smart … “
“Dike Drummond was the opening keynote at our 2015 Annual Leadership Conference with 800 of our physician leaders in attendance. We wanted our people to be better equipped to coach their physician teams on how to manage work-life balance and professional wellness.
Dike's presentations made me look ‘smart.’ More importantly, I am confident his message will have an impact. We were impressed with his enthusiasm, his talent as a trainer and the power and simplicity of his teachings. 
Dike's burnout avoidance techniques can easily be applied to clinicians and administrative employees alike - without major efforts at training or life-style disruption.
Every attendee I have spoken to has indicated enthusiastic engagement with the session. All were excited to try the tools for burn-out avoidance on both themselves and their physician teams.”
~ Miles Snowden MD - CMO, TEAM Health

Career Highlights: 
Dr. Drummond graduated from the Mayo Medical School in Rochester, Minnesota in 1984 and completed his Family Practice Residency at the Shasta Cascade Program in Redding, California in 1987.

He practiced full spectrum Family Medicine for 15 years as a member of the Skagit Valley Medical Center in Mount Vernon, Washington. He was also the Chairman of the Executive Committee and Managed Care Medical Director for that organization.

Dr. Drummond left his full time medical practice in 1999 to become COO of Superteams, LLC providing Leadership and Facilitation training to Lean Six Sigma Black Belts in all branches of the US Military. He is certified as a Life and Business coach with extensive experience in personal and business development with startup entrepreneurs and physicians.

As the CEO of TheHappyMD.com, Dr. Drummond provides Burnout Treatment and Prevention Coaching to Physicians and other Healthcare Providers. His writings on Burnout Prevention and Work Life Balance and Boundaries have been published online in KevinMD.com, Sermo.com and HeathworksCollective.com.

Dr. Drummond has delivered training or consultations to organizations such as TEAM Health, Kaiser NW, AAFP, ACEP, Minnesota Medical Association, Avera Health System, MDAnderson, Group Practice Improvement Network, UMass Memorial Health System, King Saud Medical City (Riyadh) and many more. 

Publications by this speaker:

Stop Physician Burnout - what to do when working harder isn't working the first self-help manual for any physician in any specialty to lower stress, prevent burnout and build  more Ideal Practice. Now a Healthcare Best Seller!

“Burnout Proof”
the world’s first burnout prevention APP for mobile devices 

The Burnout Prevention Matrix - Over 117 Burnout Prevention Techniques for doctors and organizations. 


The 1 Minute Stress Relief Program for Physicians 

For additional information regarding this speaker, please call (406) 586-8775.

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