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John W. Kenagy, MD, MPA, ScD, FACS

John Kenagy, MD: "The man who would save healthcare" - Forbes. A visiting Scholar at Harvard Business School, discovered the common thread between developing differentiation and competitive advantage for enduring success in some of today's top innovative companies. After studying Apple, Intel, Toyota and Amazon, Dr. Kenagy noted their unique ability to sense, respond, adapt, and to innovate internally. They didn't just copy best practices, they made NEW best practices. He has brought Sense/Respond/Adapt to healthcare as Adaptive Design.

More about this speaker:

Sense/Respond/Adapt is low cost, high reward, and fast. It is a system for designing, doing, and improving the complex work of healthcare in real-time by developing the knowledge and creativity of your employees. It makes improving healthcare everyone's job, every day; and it works!

Presentations by Dr. Kenagy (all adapted to meet specific needs):

  1. The Secrets to Simplifying Success
  2. Creating Cultural Chemistry at Every Level
  3. Adaptive Design(r)  - Improving Across the Continuum
  4. How to Build Healthcare Financial Strength and Stability 
  5. Creating the Future – Centers of Value and Excellence
Dr. Kenagy’s speaking, workshops, and his innovative, web-based Experience Adaptive Design online learning system enable healthcare organizations to adapt and succeed by providing more access to the Great Care at continually lower cost.
Dr. John Kenagy knows healthcare as a vascular surgeon, Chief of Surgery, Chief of Staff, and Vice President for Business Development in a multi-state health system and innovator. But, his most meaningful experience was becoming a patient.
He suffered a broken neck in a fall from a tree. Critically injured, he discovered that his recovery depended on the efforts of dedicated individuals working in a very complicated system. Searching for solutions, he became a Visiting Scholar at Harvard Business School. His research into resilient, highly adaptive companies opened the door to simplifying the complex world of healthcare.  
Here’s how:
  1. Empower Leadership to simplify success at all levels
  2. Revitalize the point-of-care to adapt to continually changing needs
  3. Increase Financial Strength by multiplying value, efficiency and effectiveness

Speaker Biography

Dr. Kenagy’s contributions have been widely recognized:

  • Visiting Scholar, Harvard Business School
  • Clinical Professor of Surgery, University of Washington
  • Adjunct Professor of Pharmacy and Therapeutics, University of Pittsburgh
  • The American College of Healthcare Executives named his book Designed to Adapt: Leading Healthcare in Challenging Times Healthcare Management Book of the Year.
  • Dr. Kenagy amed by Forbes Magazine as "the man who would save healthcare."

Comments from previous presentaions:

  • Having the book available would have made the presentation perfect.
  • This is critical thinking for the success of the reform of healthcare delivery and healthcare financing.
  • Well done, good speaker. I will get his books and read them.
  • Excellent speaker!
  • Excellent speaker! Topic applicable beyond healthcare.
  • Interesting topic, very applicable to my organization.
  • Would be good to explore more concrete examples as well as examining external inhibitors (government, payers, provider advocates, tech industry)
  • Dr. Kenagy's thinking is desperately needed in healthcare.
  • Outstanding presentation & presenter!

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