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Paula Butterfield, PhD, PCC

What absorbs most of your time at work, keeps you up at nights, may even give you a pack-a-day Rolaids habit? If you're like most leaders, it's the dizzying array of interpersonal and business issues: the need for greater trust, resilience, motivation, and engagement among your employees, the need for more innovation and nimbleness to stay competitive in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing world. Professional speaker and executive coach Dr. Paula Butterfield will show you what it takes to create environments like this: environments in which people can bring the best of who and how they are to what they do.

More about this speaker:

Dr. Butterfield is a leadership coach, professional speaker, and writer who helps people develop the capacity to get what they want in life. Her client base includes executives seeking to improve their leadership skills, entrepreneurs struggling with growing pains, professionals moving into leadership and management roles, and business owners who want to nurture an entrepreneurial spirit among their workers.

Let her open your meeting or close your conference with a keynote filled with thought-provoking stories and examples of the power of effective leadership. Or invite her in for a half- or full-day program with supervisors and staff to show them how to turn even the toughest situation into a productive encounter.

Paula’s programs consistently draw high acclaim for their clarity, warmth, humor, and practicality. Here are some of her most popular presentations:

  • Leading in the 21st century
  • Forget change management; think resilience
  • Living and working with toxic personalities
  • The anatomy of anger, the healing power of forgiveness
  • The habit of happiness

What people are saying about Dr. Butterfield’s programs:

"One of the best and most interesting speakers I’ve ever heard."  
Newark NJ

"I’ve never had a seminar in which I could relate so much of the material to real life."
Mobile, AL

"What I notice most is that everything is the same, yet everything is different. I’m the same person … but people respond to me differently, they seek me out, they’re more engaged and committed."
San Rafael CA

Highlights of Paula’s career:

  • Her early career in healthcare emphasized research and training in doctor-patient relationships, and management skills for resident physicians at the Ohio State University College of Medicine and Columbus Children’s Hospital. 

  • A former clinical medicine associate professor and graduate of Ohio State ’s Executive Program in Health Services Management and Policy, she directed educational research and training for OSU’s Department of Internal Medicine. 

  • She became the first woman to direct the graduate medical education programs in one of the country’s largest osteopathic training hospitals. 

  • Prior to starting her own leader development firm, she was Director of Physician Leadership and Management Education for Mount Carmel Health System, formerly affiliated with Holy Cross and now part of Trinity Health, the fourth largest Catholic healthcare system in the United States.

  • A seasoned professional speaker and Professional Certified Coach [credentialed by the International Coach Federation], she has addressed health and mental health audiences in 25 states and coached executives from Maine to Hawaii .

  • She has authored dozens of articles and is a monthly columnist for Executive Women in Healthcare’s Executive Briefings & Exchange.  She is the author of a soon-to-be-released book on leadership for female healthcare executives.

Paula offers keynotes, half-, and full-day programs on a variety of topics related to leadership, self-management, and high performance work environments for healthcare settings. Her programs consistently draw high acclaim for their clarity, warmth, humor, and practicality.  You select the topic area and format; she’ll customize it to get the greatest impact for your audience -- with insight, humor, the latest research, and lots of practical ways to help people translate knowing into doing.

A single mom, she lives in Columbus, Ohio, and spends free weekends visiting her son, a graphic design student in Manhattan.

This speaker's topics include:

  • High Performance Leadership
  • Empowerment
  • Resilience/Change Management
  • Generational Differences
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Stress Management
  • Legacy Planning to Capture and Preserve Your Organization's Core Expertise
  • Courage at work


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