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Sheila N. Glazov, Author

Sheila N. Glazov is an award-winning author, internationally known personality expert, professional speaker, and passionate educator. Sheila's Brain Color programs and books will help decrease the conflict and increase the harmony, collaboration, and communication in your Organization. The differences in Brain Color personalities and how they shade perceptions impacts the way you communicate and interact with patients, colleagues, and diverse individuals in the healthcare workplace. Discovering and understanding your individual strengths while adapting to others' idiosyncrasies will no longer be an overwhelming task.

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Brain Color Programs Available:

  • Keynote Presentation (1 hour)
  • Break-out Session (1-1.5 hour)
  • ½ Day Program  (1½ – 3 hours)
  • Full Day Program  (3 ½- 6 hours)
  • Weekend Retreats (1 or 2 days)

Sheila N. Glazov, created colorful personality profiles that simplify the complex nature of a
healthcare professional’s attributes and abilities while providing excellent care to patients and teamwork to co-workers. What Color Is Your Brain?® When Caring for Patients (co-authored by Denise Knoblauch, RN) is intended to facilitate effective communication and cooperation and minimize stress and frustration in numerous aspects of your work day. 

Sheila will guide you through a "Healthcare Professional Brain Quiz" to determine your Brain Colors, effectively analyze your unique characteristics, and skillfully use her methods to identify your unique workplace traits and talents. 

  • A Meticulous and Structured Yellow Brainer is Dedicated with patients and Accountable with co-workers.
  • A Collaborative and Helpful Blue Brainer is a Good Listener with patients and Communicative with
  • An Analytical and Cautious Green Brainer is Objective with patients and Calm with co-workers.
  • A Spontaneous and Easy-Going Orange Brainer is Encouraging with patients and Energizing with

Sheila will teach you and your colleagues tangible tools, and provide relevant activities to help individuals and Brain Color groups learn more about their "Brainbow" personality, perspectives, and "Praiseworthy Gifts." Leaders, managers, and staff members will immediately transfer and easily apply their new knowledge and skills to:

  • Recognize, reduce, and redirect bully behavior
  • Demonstrate sincere listening
  • Build healthy rapport with patients, advocates, and colleagues
  • Adapt to and accept change with less discomfort
  • Develop and retain authentic teamwork
  • Speak a non-judgmental language to express feelings and thoughts 
  • Use a practical tool to accept, appreciate, and value yourself and others 
  • Solve problems and decrease conflicts quickly
  • Increase and maintain harmonious relationship
  • Discover why others see you differently than you see yourself
  • Identify and acknowledge "Wet Paint" or "Shadowed" behavior

Rather than offer an excuse for people’s unusual behavior, Sheila’s theory and programs help to explain why your perspective differs from or relates to the viewpoints of others. Relevant, engaging, educational, and relatable, What Color Is Your Brain?® When Caring for Patients is a guide to discovering and decoding who you are, why others see you the way they do, and how the four Brain Colors play a role in your patient care, career, and healthcare workplace.