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Ross/ Kidwell, The Power of Two

Give your event an energy boost with the Power of 2! Avoid the "Power-Point Death March", engage Darryl Ross & Eric Kidwell for your next event and you'll deliver your audience something that will inform and energize them. Two world-class speakers, real world experience and customized to your audience. Patient Experience, Customer Service, Where Culture meets the Customer, The Power of 2 allows for a change of energy and a change of voice that not only makes the presentation more entertaining, but it also enhances learning.

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Industry Specific Keynotes/ Breakout Sessions

Ordinary Miracles:
Healthcare: Remembering the Power of You
Healthcare professionals are among the most amazing people you can meet. What some would call a life changing miracle, a nurse would call “Tuesday.” We ask more and more of our doctors, nurses, technicians, and even support personnel. What often gets pushed aside is the awesome power of what gets done every day. Healthcare professionals are very powerful people. This inspiring, entertaining, and timely topic will help you channel that power into a more rewarding career and a healthier and happier life!

Improving Risk:
Through Patient Experience, Trust and Consistency
Connecting the customer experience to risk is critical, but not always obvious. Satisfied patients are compliant patients. Study after study show the link between patient satisfaction and improved outcomes. Organizations that ignore the patient experience do so at their own peril. Employee engagement can also affect risk when team members who don’t trust each other can ignore critical safety and quality measures! In this high energy, interactive session, we connect the dots between satisfaction and risk and give your team an action plan to improve right away!

The Diversity Box
Coming Together Using What Sets Us Apart
Diversity is a topic build for the Power of 2! It is one of the most critical topics in business today, it is also one of the trickiest. Companies who embrace diversity thrive, and those that ignore it struggle. Diversity of race, gender, age, orientation, and more give your organization access to more great ideas, more perspectives and more opportunities. Too often, we simply “check the box” and give lip service to diversity. In this high energy session, your team will learn the value of diversity and will understand how getting through the first awkward steps can lead your team to great new heights!
General Keynotes / Breakout Sessions
Be the Light:
How To Shine In Every Situation
In an era of constant change, team members are feeling overworked and overwhelmed. Whether you are leading a group that’s feeling the stresses of change, or on the front lines trying to keep yourself positive, inspiration can be hard to find. Scientists have shown that our attitude and approach to challenging times can make all the difference. Speakers, authors, and experts in organizational change Eric Kidwell and Darryl Ross will take you on an energizing journey to the bright spots, helping you and your team find the path to Be the Light for yourself and for others.
Where The Culture Meets the Customer:
The Power of the Front Line.
Most companies have leaders with a vision for their company and their teams. They lay out exceptional branding plans, work to educate their teams and then the wait. And then? Nothing!
What many CEOs and leaders fail to understand is that in our hyper-communicated culture, the person standing in front of the customer has complete power over the company brand! We can cower in our offices and hope for the best, or we can empower the front line to be ambassadors for the brand.
Hollywood Service:
Ten Service Lessons From The Movies
Did you know that Braveheart is a great lesson in customer service and service recovery? That Forrest Gump is about teamwork? The Martian is all about building an intentional company culture? The success of the film Dances With Wolves has a lot to do with organizational priorities. This high energy, incredibly entertaining session reminds you of lessons you may not have even realized you knew using familiar stories. Then, you’ll learn how to take those lessons back to your organization with practical methods to improve your service culture. Bonus: Popcorn!
Important Things To Remember:
The best time to book us is six months or more in advance to ensure the most flexible dates… but we are always willing to speak on short notice if the calendar allows. In fact, we’re a great team to call in an emergency!

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“This was an incredible presentation All the reviews were exceptional.”
Dean Mary Lou Sole University of Central Florida

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Georgia Hospital Association - SCONL