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Philip L. Ronning, MHA, Author

With over 35 years of healthcare management experience, Philip Ronning focuses on accountable care, specialty programs, strategy, organization, integration, culture and more. Ronning has worked with urban to rural markets across the board and a client list of over 300. The American Hospital Association has published eight of his books.

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Changes in the environment are rapidly making the organization of the medical staff nearly unworkable in meeting the needs of its members and the hospital in which they practice.  Members, particularly those tasked with leadership find the process cumbersome.  Rethinking the structures and processes of the organization are much needed.

Philip Ronning is Principal at Ronning Healthcare Solutions and has been in healthcare management for over thirty-five years.  He spent ten years as a hospital executive in downtown Los Angeles at St. Vincent Medical Center which was then home to the fifth largest cardiac program in the country, as well as the site for the third largest renal transplant center in the world and the largest center for otologic surgery in the world.

Working with these internationally recognized centers of excellence provided the foundation for his consulting which has been focused on accountable care, specialty programs, strategy, organization, integration and culture.

A client list of more than 300 hospitals, health systems and physician practices has brought him to market and organizational circumstances across the country ranging from urban to rural markets, unaffiliated community to university hospitals, organizations with a gentle payer mix to those with seemingly impossible rates and payer dominance, and organizations enjoying relative peace with the medical staff to those rife with alienation.  This has resulted in an important perspective, an invaluable set of skills and abilities which allows him to bring an informed and robust contribution to each unique engagement.

A nationally recognized author and speaker, he has written over 135 peer reviewed articles and given over one hundred national speeches and presentations.  The American Hospital Association has published eight of his books including Organizing Specialty Services, The Future of Specialty Services, Reinventing Centers of Excellence, Successful Management Strategies in Cardiovascular Services and Through the Technology Looking Glass.  A white paper entitled Parsimony: Accountable Care’s Big Idea was published by Accountable Care News in June, 2011.

Mr. Ronning earned his bachelors degree in psychology and business administration from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota and his master’s degree in hospital and healthcare administration from St. Louis University.