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Jake Poore, Speaker

Jake Poore has a passion for and expertise in, what it takes to create and maintain a world-class service organization. President & Chief Experience Officer of Integrated Loyalty Systems, Jake has worked with over 100 top organizations on the subject and has been nationally recognized for his expertise and delivery skills.Specializing in improving the Patient Experience and the overall cultural development and improvement of an organization, Jake takes his almost 20 years of experience training at Disney and has translated it into optimizing the Humans side of Healthcare.

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More about this speaker:

Topics include (Virtual & In-Person):

  • Service Excellence
  • Patient Experience
  • Leadership
  • Patient Satisfaction/Loyalty
  • Employee Engagement/Loyalty
  • Corporate Strategy/Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Cultural Development & Transformation

Example Keynotes
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  • Creating Exceptional Patient Experiences – Every Patient, Every Day
  • The Leader’s Role in Building and Sustaining Exceptional Patient Experiences
  • Life Savers: Connecting to your ROLE in the healing experience
  • Exceptional Patient Experiences: It Must Be Who You Are… Not Merely What You Do

DISNEY: The secret formula for creating Patient Experience Magic!

  • Unlocking Employee Loyalty to Drive Success
  • Your Leadership Strategy for Building and Sustaining a World-Class Team that drives Exceptional Patient Experiences
  • Creating Service Champions - What to Do With "Drivers and Draggers"


  • Proven Blueprints For Building World-Class Patient Experiences
  • Decode Disney's Operational DNA into your Competitive Advantage
  • A Key Missing Piece of the Patient Experience Puzzle: Engaging Physicians
  • The Power of Leadership Storytelling


  • Proven Blueprints for Building World-Class Patient Experiences
  • Patient Experience: From the Board Room to the Exam Room

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Unlike typical trainers or keynote speakers, Jake Poore spends most of his time in the trenches of healthcare institutions. You may find him shadowing a nurse or medical-surgical floor, observing pre-op surgery, secret shopping the waiting room of a doctor's office or conducting patient focus groups.

As Founder and President of Integrated Loyalty Systems (ILS), Jake knows what it takes to create and maintain a world-class service organization. He should... he spent nearly two decades at the Walt Disney Company helping to train and align 65,000 employees toward one end in mind: creating memorable experiences for individuals, not masses. In 1996, Jake helped launch the Disney Institute, the external training arm of Disney that sold its business secrets to the world.  80 percent of the people who attended the Institute were from healthcare…and Jake’s passion for helping to improve healthcare began.

Just after September 11, 2001, Jake launched Integrated Loyalty Systems, a company on a mission to help elevate the human side of healthcare. Since then, Jake and his team of experts have been sharing the organizational blueprints needed to build world class patient experiences by helping them design and execute patient-driven cultural blueprints, define the companies’ patient experience strategy and map out and operationalize the ideal patient and employee experience.

Team ILS has successfully helped many healthcare organizations make cultural transformations including: Kaiser Permanente, Cigna Medical Group, Augusta Health, Dignity Health and their 75 medical practices, Baystate Health, Penn Medicine, Ochsner Health System, National Rehabilitation Hospital, and BJC Healthcare’s ProgressWest Hospital.

Jake is a faculty member for the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) and for the past 11 years has been teaching a 2-day course — sharing the blueprints for designing exceptional patient experiences. Mayo Clinic presented to him the prestigious Ozmun Award in Adminstrative Excellence.

In his free-time, he enjoys sailing, golf, and photography. He lives in Orlando with his wife and their three beautiful children.

“Jake is the only LDI speaker we’ve had to earn a perfect 5.0 rating from all our members; and we’ve had over 60 presenters at 19 LDI’s over the past 5 years.”
David Crouch (formerly Chief Learning Officer, Blue Ridge Healthcare)

"The enthusiasm in the wake of your visit has been unparalleled. In short, my managers could not say enough good things about your session."
Eric Erickson, MBA, Director of Operations, Marquette General Health System

“He caters to the uniqueness of every organization.”
"I teach a variety of classes at Mayo Clinic, and find myself going back to Jake Poore's stories... because they work.  He doesn't just tell stories for stories' sake, or just to pull at your heart strings.  His stories are moving and memorable, but told in a way that relate to many everyday positions and demonstrate everyone's impact on the patient-no matter who they are."

"There are storytellers who come in, and you think, oh, that's a sad story, but they leave and you say, so what?"
" Jake Poore has the ability to tell a story and get every person who hears it to realize the "so what"—how I apply that in my role no matter who I am."
Carmen Kane, Mayo Clinic

THANK YOU! Your contribution added greatly to our outstandingly successful launch of STAR Leadership!   87% "Strongly Agree" that you knew your subject and kept them engaged!  Add the "agree" category and that puts you in the category of a 99% approval rating!
Judith L. O'Rourke, MFA
Director, STAR Leadership Development, Kaiser Permanente

“A presenter that clearly loves his work.”
Sacred Heart Hospital workshop attendee

“Jake did a great job with the New Ambassador Training. I really enjoyed the two days and can see how this team building effort is an effective tool for hospitals. It makes sense to do whatever it takes to get employees loyal to the organization, accept "ownership” of problems, and feel empowered to "make a difference." I admit that I was very skeptical of the Disney connection but feel that your new company has made a good transition between the concept of ‘good show’ at a vacation spot and a hospital. Thanks for an informative two days.”
Janis Sloane, BSN RN CRRN, Case Manager
National Rehabilitation Hospital