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Dan Waldschmidt, Speaker

Dan refuses to accept business as usual - making him an unconventional, yet highly effective, strategist to some of the world's largest companies. Dan and his team help companies all over the world arrive at business-changing breakthrough ideas by moving past outdated conventional wisdom, social peer pressure, and the selfish behaviors that stop them from being high performers.

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More about this speaker:

Over the last few years, audiences all over the world have responded with overwhelming praise for one particular business keynote:

THE “IF” FACTOR: Living A High Performance Life

Using the 1,000+ stories and case studies that he researched when writing his best-selling book, EDGY Conversations, Dan will captivate your special audience with practical, real-life examples — the small city who stood up against the greatest king who had ever lived, how to run 100 miles when you’re too tired to move, and how smart companies make millions more by being so valuable people ask for more. No bullet points. No theories. No boring PowerPoint. Just real talk from a guy who has helped the biggest companies in the world dominate their industry in business, leadership, and motivation. Now it’s time to bring the exact same thing to your audience.


There are 6 key lessons that all high performers in business, math, sports, science, and politics have learned to get to that point in their life. In your time with Dan he will share some fresh insights with you:

  1. The Superpower Of Focusing On A Few Deliberate Activities
  2. Why Being Weird Is Essential To Massive Long Terms Progress
  3. How To Use The Right Technology To Get What You Want Faster
  4. Why You Should Say “NO” More Often To Yourself
  5. How To Be So Valuable People Can’t Stand To Live Without You
  6. Why Being Awesome Is The Only Goal That Matters

Dan Also Creates Customized Speeches And Multi-Event Leadership Series

Whether it is a 45-minute keynote as part of your company’s annual sales kick-off event or a 3-hour working session with your senior leadership team at a retreat, Dan will inspire you to think differently — and be awesome. As a team, we obsess about ways to make Dan’s message radical but relatable — something to keep your team inspired for months to come.



An elite ultra-runner and internationally awarded business strategist with a bestselling book, Dan is considered one of the top sales thinkers in the world.

Dan has spent his life attempting (and often achieving) the outrageous.

He got the usual entry-level sales job right out of college, but then he changed the sales process, boosted revenue $50M, and became CEO by the time he was 25. After expanding offices and driving even more growth over the next few years he would go on to sell that technology company to a much larger competitor, delivering tremendous value to the shareholders.

Known as an industry disruptor, Dan refuses to accept business as usual – making him an unconventional, yet highly effective, strategist to some of the world’s largest companies.

After founding (and then selling) his technology company, several Fortune 100 companies began to recruit Dan for senior executive level positions. But instead of joining a big company, Dan decided to build a consulting company to provide strategy to the most powerful companies in the world. 

Through his advice & coaching he’s helped multinational organizations conquer the world:

  • He overhauled Siemens Medical’s sales process and improved their response rates 5200% in 9 months
  • He helped Cisco drive faster sales and partner channels than ever before
  • He supported Oracle’s unprecedented revenue growth in Latin America
  • He advised Panasonic on how to sell toughbooks to business leaders in Chile
  • He led Türk Telekom and Turkish Airlines in their global reach for acquisition targets
  • He has coached senior executives at GE and Abbott Labs, Northrop Grumman, Pfizer, Walmart, McAfee, Wells Fargo, Zebra Technologies and many more

He shares his insights daily on his popular blog which Dow Jones called “one of the top sales blogs anywhere in the world.” He has also a popular contributor to Business Insider and has been published in Forbes, INC Magazine, Bloomberg, Yahoo, Vanity Fair, Wall Street Italia and dozens of other popular magazines around the world.

Having devoted years to studying over 1,000 of the world’s most unlikely high performers, he understands exactly what it takes to disrupt an industry, create a new conversation, and drive massive success.

"Dan Wadschmidt’s Keynote presentation at the DIGITAL DEALER was exactly what we were looking for and so much more: applicable, engaging, and inspiring! Not only did Dan develop a unique and customized presentation for our audience, he was able to masterfully read the audience and keynote hall space. The entire audience was enthralled by his energy, captivating stories, and insight—as were we. I must mention that we were not only impressed by Dan’s content and delivery, but also his overall demeanor: Excited, Humbled, and an all-around nice guy”. EMERALD EXPOSITIONS

"The moment Dan walks into a room you can feel his energy! The Audience is immediately engaged in his presentation and he quickly captivates attendees with authentic stories, hard-earned experience, and expert knowledge. While an entertaining and motivating experience, his speech will equip you with valuable life lessons. I would highly recommend Dan to anyone. If you have the chance to see Dan speak, run—don’t walk. You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity! Trust me, you won’t regret it”.

"As one of the attendees commented ‘although he was from the business world, speaking to the education world, Dan was a great fit and I loved his energy and honesty. This is wan I needed to recharge my batteries—I can’t wait to go back to school Monday.’

‘If you want an inspiring, energetic, and dynamic keynote speaker to address your leadership development needs, I highly encourage you to consider Dan Waldschmidt – you will not be disappointed.”

"Dan is an active, persuasive and inspiring leader, who can in a few minutes change people’s energy and attitude, driving teams to perform better and achieve greater results”.