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Betty Parker, CPTD

Betty Parker is a business owner, professional speaker, author, and trainer. She provides engaging presentations and training to corporations and individuals who have a desire to grow professionally and personally in leadership, self-awareness for improving success, Building high-performance teams, teamwork, strategic planning, employee engagement, customer service, communications, diversity, equity, & inclusion, communication and others.At University of South Carolina College of Nursing, she is part of the faculty of a leadership program where she has trained fellows on self-awareness in leadership.

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  • Identifying Styles and Strengths of High Performance Leaders
  • Turning Style into Performance
  • Finding Purpose, Pride and Power in a Pandemic
  • Building High Performance Teams
  • Five Ways to Greater Employee Engagement
  • how to Be a Motivating Mentor and Compelling Coach
  • How to Face Conflict with Confidence
  • Platinum Service® for Leaders
  • How to Be an Inspiring Leader
  • Communications: Beyond the Basics


“Wait, Let Me Get My Cape (And Other Sayings of the Superhero Nurse Leader)”

In celebration of the hard and important work nurses do every day in clinical settings and academia, this presentation will focus on highlighting the great accomplishments of those who are making a difference.  In keeping with the theme of the day, participants will hear stories of those in the nursing profession who have inspired others—coworkers, students, and patients—those who have become influential leaders, and those who have found innovative ways to make caring for others more efficient and effective.

Participants will benefit from learning specific skills to become more inspiring leaders themselves, ways to build influence among peers and the community, and how to think creatively about the work they do so that they can find new ways to practice successfully in the workplace.  The intent of this presentation is to encourage and celebrate the field of nursing, but to also challenge the audience of nurses to think about how they currently perform on the job.  How much more can they do to act as leaders and positively impact their departments by implementing one of the techniques presented?  The following learning objectives will be covered:

  • “Under this cape is a heart that inspires.” Participants will learn how inspiring leaders foster commitment and greater productivity from the teams they lead.  They will learn ways to inspire through skilled communications and coaching.
  • “My superpower is storytelling.”  Participants will learn techniques to influence the perspectives of others through sharing powerful stories of the organization’s mission, the leader’s vision, excellent standards in patient care, and recognition of outstanding work by team members.
  • “I don’t fly, but I’m a great innovator in the field of nursing.”  Participants will learn how to drive creativity and innovation by establishing an environment where staff are encouraged to think beyond the current standards of practice and find ways to improve the quality of care they deliver.

“Zero Visibility:  How Our Blind Spots Impact Our Success”

This presentation addresses the necessity for becoming more self-aware so that we can eliminate behaviors that stand in the way of our success.  Those behaviors include how we treat other people, the environment we create for ourselves and others, and our willingness and ability to give and receive constructive feedback.  Participants will learn three reasons why blind spots persist, and what they can do to overcome them.  By the end of the session, they will have a plan for change.  The presentation is approximately 45 minutes long and is accompanied by a one-page handout that will be sent by email for copying and distribution (optional) by the host organization.  All copying would be at the expense of the requesting organization.


“Conflict Communications”

Unchecked anger can cause horrendous burdens on work teams, between leaders and teams or individual employees, and between individuals in general. The biggest struggle is in the lack of ability by many people to be able to communicate feelings of anger productively so that they do not result in acts of retaliation and sabotage. Small business owners have lost their entire businesses due to disgruntled employees, high-earning professionals have lost their leadership positions due to angry staff, and employees with fragile mental and emotional capacities have been rendered physically ill because of pent up anger.  But there is hope.  Learning to have and/or facilitate intense discussions that provide both sides with ways to create a safe space for these "conflict communications" is a critical skill to possess.  Participants will learn three actions that will take the threat and punishment out of difficult conversations.  Anyone who is willing to put these actions to the test will find success in their conversations and reduce the risk to relationship, position or livelihood in finding resolution.

Betty Parker is a communications expert with more than 30 years’ experience presenting to audiences including work in radio after earning a degree in broadcast journalism from Louisiana State University (LSU). Betty began her career as a sales professional and trainer in 1998 in the biotech industry. She started Sharper Development Solutions, Inc., a training and development company, in 2006.

Betty has educated thousands of leaders and staff across the country in a variety of performance areas like leadership, self-awareness, conflict management, teamwork, strategic planning, employee engagement, customer service, communications, diversity, equity, and inclusion and others. She is a highly sought-after speaker for conferences. Betty is the author of Crushing Goliath: Winning Practices for Slaying GIANT People Problems (2021). She is a Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD) and a Certified Professional Coach. She is also an Authorized Partner with Wiley Publishing, makers of Everything DiSC® products.