For over 20 years, Innovative Healthcare Speakers has been providing the healthcare industry with nationally recognized speakers who provide innovative solutions to issues, trends and instabilities affecting healthcare today and tomorrow.

Rosemary Laird, MD,
A practicing physician and Executive Medical Director, Dr. Laird focuses on Patient Care, Compassion & Empathy, with her new book Heartwiring Healthcare Excellence.
Jay Kaplan, MD
Dr. Kaplan is keeping a positive focus on the ups & downs of COVID care in healthcare while regaining the Joy in in the Practice of Medicine.
Betty Parker, CPTD
In-person training on Building Cultural Consciousness and working through Conflict with Confidence.

Featured Speakers Booked This Quarter for Virtual and In-Person Events

John W. Kenagy, MD
Dr. Kenagy's presentations and virtual-online experiences link Patient Safety to Quality and financial success in COVID-era healthcare
John J. Nance, JD
Author of Why Hospitals Should Fly and a leader in Patient Safety for over 30 years. Nance was a pioneer in the aviation inspiration to improve patient safety through checklists
Jay Kaplan, MD
A Practicing ER Physician, Dr. Kaplan promotes patient safety through teamwork and exceptional leadership skills

Speakers on Patient Safety

William Miller, MDiv, EdD
Dr. Miller is a recognized expert in the area of stress & coping, interpersonal relationships, organizational health and workplace culture.
Darryl Ross
Darryl specializes in Improving the Patient Experience, Leadership, Motivation, Customer Service, and Overcoming Adversity.
Diane Sieg, RN, CYT, CSP
Diane Sieg gives you and your group practical and life-saving resilience skills that help you thrive in your work and life!

Featured Speakers on Resilience

Chris Blackmore
Chris's presentations include the philosophy from the book If Disney Ran Your Hospital by Fred Lee. He presented the book and its principles for a 2-day program to the National Health Service in London, England.

Rosemary D. Laird, MD
Co-authoring Fred Lee's last book: Beyond Disney - Heartwiring Healthcare Excellence, Restoring the Art and Science of Empathy and Compassion, now available.
Mark D. Jones,
Specializing in the healthcare and service industries, and as a close friend of Fred Lee's, Mark assists in implementing the Disney philosophy.

Featured Speakers on If Disney Ran Your Hospital & The Patient Experience

Kristin Baird, RN, BSN, MHA
A nationally recognized thought leader on patient experience and service excellence, Kristin is an engaging and motivational healthcare speaker and trainer.
Jake Poore
For almost 20 years at Disney, Jake helped to train & align over 65,000 employees in customer service, and since 2001 he’s brought that Customer/Patient Experience to healthcare.
Brian Wong, MD
Through his speeches & workshops, Dr. Wong helps healthcare organizations build Patient-Accountable Cultures with interactive sessions using tools and techniques shared in his book, Heroes Need Not Apply.

Featured Speakers on Patience Experience

Diane Sieg RN, CYT, CSP
As a former emergency room nurse of 23 years, and today a speaker, author, coach, and yoga teacher, Diane delivers a personal, high energy interaction with heartfelt stories and tangible skills!
Kathleen Bartholomew, RN, MN
An expert in hospital culture & conflict resolution, Kathleen motivates her audiences with practical tools to form the barrier-less relationships; a critical foundation of successful healthcare organizations.
Joe Tye, MBA
Joe is a powerful and effective speaker on the topics of values, building a culture of ownership and personal motivation. Author of The Florence Prescription: From a Culture of Accountability to a Culture of Ownership.

Featured Speakers on Nurse Leadership

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